Hi folks!

Thanks for considering auditioning for 12 Angry Jurors!!!

As I said in the audition notice, we will be creating a piece that is a relatively faithful adaptation of Twelve Angry Men, but allows for a diversity of identities and de-privileges white male power or at least addresses that power modality inherent to the play. 

One of the ways we will tackle that challenge is through techniques borrowed from Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed. The ideas, tasks, and games used by Boal and other practitioners will inform us both in our process and the eventual staging.

I will also apply a couple aesthetic systems to the work, which those folks that have worked with me before have a little experience of, including Viewpoints, Suzuki, and the tenants of Brecht's epic theatre. 

In addition, I strongly believe in the importance of group dramaturgy and so we will spend time together understanding the development of the criminal justice system (in particular the development of the jury in U.S. courts) and the changes that system has undergone in the last 50+ years. 

Also, it should be said, that I believe very deeply in what the French actor and mime, Jacques Lecoq, called SERIOUS PLAY! So, we're going to have a ton of fun doing the hard work of making theater that matters. 

Below, are a number of sources that we will be utilizing, but they are by no means anything you need to know about in advance of auditioning.

For more on Theatre of the Oppressed, a good place to start is HERE

Additional texts: